Welcome to the 22nd edition of the 'Training Services in China Directory'. More than 233,000 copies have been distributed on a complimentary basis. The majority of recipients are HR managers and training procurement decision-makers from key Chinese and foreign invested enterprises throughout China.

This Directory is an annual publication, which lists the most reputable training suppliers within China's training sector. It provides a platform for to highlight their products, trainers, training schedules and brand name services. This book is recognized as the most efficient and reliable resource in the PRC for comparing and selecting training interventions that support your organization's human resource development strategy.

What does this directory contain?

The Training Directory offers a compilation of training firms that maintain a legal presence in the PRC. We also list consulting firms and a special section for several independent trainers involved in management training within the mainland.

The Training Directory offers two convenient methods to identify suppliers. A 'Table of Contents' at the front of the directory in alphabetical order indicates the name and corresponding page number where the training supplier profile can be found. At the back of the directory, the reader can find a convenient 'Index' which lists the main types of training categories or courses and matches the name of the provider under these general program content listings.

Index pages have been designated a different color than profile pages for fast track identification of this reference section. Suppliers have been limited to listing a maximum of 5 categories only in this quick reference 'Index'.

You will find a detailed list and description of the training services offered by each provider. To maintain objectivity and continuity in the presentation of the data, each profile is intended to include curriculum and course outline information, language of teaching, target audience, duration and certification. The directory content is also available at the following website:

What is not included in this directory?

  • Detailed information and verification of the trainers' credentials and experience
  • Evaluation of the individual company's experience and ability to bring about improved organizational effectiveness through their training programs
  • Assessments of the quality, strengths or weaknesses of training programs listed

Over the past 22 years, sponsors listed in this directory have demonstrated their continuity of professionalism. We believe their sustainability in the China market reflects their trustworthiness.


An opportunity was given to training providers listed in this directory to draft their own profile, supplement their submissions with promotional copy or support the publication of this directory through their sponsorship of a jointly held seminar.

Although a stringent editing process is in place, each profile reproduces the sponsors' own words and bears the marks of the company's own style. Ample opportunity was made available for all entrants to ensure the information going to print is correct. The reader will find some narrative autonomy on the part of the supplier within the contents of each profile and the accuracy of this information has been validated to some extent. Details included in each profile reflect the different amounts of information volunteered by the training supplier, as well as varying levels of seminar sponsorship. Editors for this directory strongly encouraged an objective portrayal of company services.

Program evaluations are only possible through direct participation in the training courses and/ or testimonials from former clients. The scope of our research did not include this kind of investigation. Our firm has personally audited or maintained a close working relationship with many of the listed training providers. Independent third party professional training provider assessments and referrals are available on a fee for services rendered basis. The publisher welcomes requests to assist in the verification of credibility of training suppliers not listed in this directory.

About the author

Universal Ideas Consultants (UI) is a wholly owned foreign enterprise established to provide management training, related consulting and research services specific to the training sector. UI established its first office in China over twenty-five years ago, and has been active in the field of action-leaning, executive development, education management and training consulting for the China market since 1985. UI is a recipient of the China Staff (CCH Publications) 'Award for Outstanding Contribution to HR in China and Hong Kong'; "Training Firm of the Year Finalist"; and the World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) Research Excellence Award.