Letter to reader

In 1996, the Chinese and American 'Departments of Commerce' held a joint conference in Beijing featuring the topic of 'Management Training Needs in China'. Universal Ideas was honored to represent both governments as the Coordinator of this historic event. Also that year, The Association for Talent Development (ATD, formerly ASTD) conducted their first mission to China engaging UI's leadership to create meetings with the newly formed Beijing and Shanghai Trainers Associations. UI's position at the centre of China's training sector was now established. December of 1997 the 'Training Services in China' Directory was launched. The rest is history and twenty years later the sustainability of this publication retains its leadership at the intersect of the suppliers and buyers of training services in China. We are extremely proud of the distribution of almost 200,000 copies of this resource creating value to the efficiency of thousands of Human Resource and Training specialists throughout China, influencing the provision of quality training to millions of employees; and creating demonstrated, viable business opportunities for hundreds of training suppliers.

This year's market research captures 20 years of key trends and changes that have impacted China's training sector. Organizations still experience constantly developing their human resources, investing in hipotentials, team building with a greater emphasis on communication and analytical skill development, and the challenges of recruiting to meet company needs. However, the industry changes most evident are with millennials starting to enter managerial positions. Their demand for on-the-job learning, wanting their value respected and working in a harmonious environment are tantamount to retention. HR managers are making a meaningful transition from a transactional and gatekeeper role to being a strategic influencer and solution provider alongside senior management; with one key exception that business unit managers are increasingly influencing the training content decisions. While organizations are growing their pool of internal learning and development professionals; external professional trainers have evolved with greater industry and content delivery expertise; and there are more and more globally savvy, bi-lingual local trainers in the market place. This makes way for the base of customers to grow from almost exclusively MNCs to a compliment of SOEs and Private Enterprises; and a shift away from off-the-shelf to customized programs. My favorite change is when buyers recognize í░the bitterness of poor quality still remainsíş After the sweetness of low cost is forgottení▒. Hopefully Universal Ideas has contributed in a measurable way to the positive changes that have evolved within China's training supply and demand environments.

Please read on and perhaps you will be able to gain an insight and predict your organizations training needs for the foreseeable future.

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Ira L. Cohen (Ş▀░Č└˝)


Universal Ideas Consultants Corporation

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